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Our Communities of Practice

Burendo’s Communities of Practice (CoP) are focussed on the various roles within digital development. Our communities are for everyone, so you don’t need to be a Scrum Master to be involved with the Scrum Master Community of Practice!

Our vision is to provide a supportive, safe environment for anyone who wants to get involved. Each month, every practice has regular events and activities going on: from talks and workshops to share our learnings; to drop-ins, where there is no such thing as a silly question

Welcome to our Community of Practices

Delivery CoP

The Delivery Community of Practice is our inclusive, safe and supportive group that focuses on Delivery roles within Tech. We regularly host sessions where all are encouraged to get involved with our shared knowledge and experience. It embodies our vision of learning together and creating value for all involved. It is hosted by Burendo’s Delivery Practice members and includes lunch & learns, informal drop-in sessions and our community Slack channel.

Dave, Delivery Practice Lead

Business Analysis CoP

The Business Analysis Community of Practice is an open forum for both Burendo and external Business Analysts to come together.  As a community we aim to develop our skills and widen the knowledge and experience of all members.  Our monthly Community of Practice (CoP) sessions are attended by Burendo BAs, contract BAs and clients.  We also regularly have members of other communities join us to further their knowledge or request support from the community.  Members can expect CoP sessions to contain training, group learning and real life case studies.  Everyone has an opportunity to share their experiences in these sessions and can also attend regular drop in calls where the agenda is led by the members on the call.

Dave, Business Analysis Practice Lead 

Product Management CoP

Our Product Management CoP is a safe place providing support to all of our product consultants.  Our community vision is to build on what each of us bring to the community to grow as professionals.   We contribute to the wider profession by promoting shared learning, challenge and helping each other.  We have regular drop in sessions and a monthly community huddle where we focus on a nominated subject relevant to the world of product.  

 Maria, Product Practice Lead

Engineering CoP

The engineering community of practice at Burendo consists of engineers from multiple disciplines including: data, devops, platform, software, and test.

We run regular drop-in sessions where we share good practice and ideas, and have a forum to provide support and answer questions on an ad hoc basis.

Kev, Engineering Practice Lead

Scrum CoP

Our Scrum Master community of practice provides support both to one another as Scrum Masters, and outwardly to Burendo and client colleagues performing the role. We’re here to help with whatever challenges you might be facing. So, if you need to know what makes a great retrospective, find a facilitation approach for a workshop, or even how to handle a tricky situation in a team, then we can help. You can reach out to us either through our highly interactive monthly drop-in sessions or our open Slack channel.