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Burendo can help you from the beginning of your cloud journey to optimising and developing your current cloud systems.

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We take pride in helping businesses of all sizes unleash the full potential of cloud. We have expertise in multiple cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, which enables us to empower our clients to scale, innovate and thrive in the modern digital landscape.

We have experts in FinOps to ensure any investment you make is sustainable and will lead to increased productivity, security and return on your investment.

As an AWS Select Tier Partner, we are proponents of AWS and have extensive experience working with them as a partner.  From AWS Lambda to EC2, DynamoDB to RDS, CloudWatch, API Gateway and all the things in between, our team of certified experts bring a wealth of knowledge in leveraging the latest cloud technologies we can design, deploy, optimise and monitor your cloud journey to drive business success.



Who would these services benefit?

If your organisation has already adopted the cloud in some form and you are seeking to unlock its full potential, Burendo can help. Whether you have an existing cloud estate with a single provider, multiple providers (mixed cloud) or a hybrid cloud solution (on-prem and cloud together) we can help you fully realise the benefits the cloud can bring to your business.

On the other hand, if you haven’t yet used any cloud services but you are interested in exploring its possibilities for your business, get in touch with us to talk about how we can help you adopt cloud services to migrate or develop your products and services; taking advantage of all the capabilities the cloud provides.


Why choose Burendo?

  • Pragmatic Solutions: Our core value is pragmatism and doing what is right for our clients. We tailor the process for each unique business to match your specific needs. We create sustainable change for your business whilst maximising efficiency and value.
  • Certified Experts: Our team of certified professionals, on multiple cloud providers, have a proven track record of delivering successful cloud solutions for a number of industries.
  • Security and Reliability: Your data security is our priority. We implement industry best practices and have ISO 9001:2015 and ISO27001:2022 certifications, to ensure your environments are secure.



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