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Competition in the retail industry is growing, driven by customers with increasing choice, growing expectations and the ability to influence the shopping behaviours of others.

Customer demand for omni-channel retailing is increasing, and the rise of AI has driven expectations of personalised shopping experiences. Our Product Delivery consultants lead, train, and work within Digital Teams to design and deliver the seamless end-to-end retail journeys that customers demand, using data to inform development and prioritise improvements.

Customer loyalty is tested at the most crucial moments: in the clamour to be first to snap up the latest product, snagging a bargain in the sales, or leaving the Christmas presents to the last minute. Inevitably, these are also the times when demand is greatest, and the importance of technology that can cope with these demands cannot be overstated. Our Engineering teams work to build robust technical solutions that can deal with surges in demand – whether they’re expected or not.

The success of any business lies in a loyal and effective work force. A crucial part of this is providing them with systems – stock and supply chain management and in-store technology, for example – that make their work simple, allowing them to focus on delivering an amazing customer experience. Our consultants work with staff to understand the day-to-day challenges they face, and devise technical solutions to remove blockers, be that through making systems easier to use or improving integrations to removing the need for time-consuming and costly manual workarounds.

Changes in business ownership, whether through restructuring or merging with another business, brings with them many challenges, including that of legacy platforms and data, and the inefficiencies they create. We understand the importance of turning these challenges into opportunities and take a pragmatic approach to prioritisation to deliver the maximum benefit as quickly as possible.

Growth brings with it obvious benefits, but also significant challenges, many of which require a change in approach. Whether it’s making existing processes more efficient to increase productivity, planning a scalable approach to increasing the workforce, or combining differing approaches when businesses or teams are merged, if not tackled correctly these can slow progress or even reverse it. Our Transformation consultants support retail companies that are making these changes to build a tailored strategy to achieve these objectives.


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