We have experience replacing unreliable technology systems with solutions that are simple and efficient in the Healthcare Industry

Digital transformation in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is becoming increasingly necessary as the world becomes more reliant on technology.

The adoption of digital solutions can improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare services, increase patient engagement and satisfaction, and streamline clinical and operational processes.

Additionally, it can enable data-driven decision-making, enhance collaboration between stakeholders, and drive innovation and research.

In a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, digital transformation can support the development of personalised and proactive patient care, and help healthcare organisations to stay agile and meet the evolving needs of their stakeholders.

We can assist healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses by:

  1. Assessing current technology systems and identifying areas for improvement
  2. Developing and implementing new technology solutions such as electronic medical records, telemedicine, and AI-powered diagnostic tools
  3. Enhancing data management, analysis, and security to ensure compliance with industry regulations
  4. Providing training and support to staff to ensure the smooth adoption of new technology and ways of working
  5. Streamlining processes, improving efficiency and reducing costs
  6. Helping to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that aligns with the company’s overall goals and objectives.

By working with us, healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses can benefit from our expertise, resources, and experience in navigating digital transformation, making the process easier and more effective.



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“ The Burendo team quickly led the discovery and forming of a new squad to stand up a Vaccination History API and supporting technology, which Is now a critical service to the Covid Pass Application that served the nation through the pandemic.”

Graham, Head of Data Alliance Function, NHS Digital

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