We have experience working with industry leaders to help deliver a product that is at the forefront of existing technology.

The betting and gaming industry is facing increased competition and changing customer expectations, leading to a need for digital transformation.

A huge shift towards mobile and a more virtual world means adopting new technologies and business models is paramount if businesses wish to remain competitive in a fast-evolving market.

We can help betting and gaming companies stay ahead of the curve by:

  1. Assessing current technology and processes to identify areas for improvement
  2. Developing and implementing new digital technologies, such as mobile apps and online platforms
  3. Designing and implementing new data-driven business models to increase efficiency and profitability
  4. Providing guidance on regulatory compliance and data privacy
  5. Offering training and support to employees to ensure a smooth transition to new technologies.

Overall, Burendo can provide expertise and support to betting and gaming companies as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation.



Who we've worked with

"Burendo helped us to lay the foundations for our Global Trading Tribe to scale aggressively and meet Flutter's aspirations. They didn't pursue an out of the box approach to transformation, but work in partnership with us to design and implement our bespoke model for delivery at scale."

Kate - Head of Planning & Delivery, Global Trading Tribe

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