Burendo Values

At Burendo, our values are core to everything we do. We created them with the help of all our Burendoers which means everyone who works for Burendo is heavily invested in them. This also makes it easy for us to live our values every day, both internally and in our work with our clients.

"The ability to be both pragmatic and creative to combine single actions into a complete, rewarding experience – we need everyone to join in the journey."

A pragmatic attitude to delivery

"A readiness to dig in and take the lead to achieve what we need to get done – we believe everyone makes good things happen."

Make great things happen

"Individuals who stand up for what they believe, never judge or blame and respect each other’s character – we expect everyone to have a voice and be heard."

People showing they care

"The belief that experiences turn into knowledge that can improve everyone’s professional lives - we ask everyone to share stuff that makes us think."

Share what we learn