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What we do

We support you at all stages of your Agile journey

Whether you need a one stop shop for all things Agile, or more tailored support... we can help

Agile Strategy

We call it Agile Strategy, but in reality we just help you invest in the right things at the right time. We work at organisation and product level to maximise value by aligning ideas and changes to roadmaps and budgets to transform your organisation.

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Agile Training

Sometimes you may have great individuals but they need to get up to speed quickly in a new role or methodology. We help organisations to offer either accredited or bespoke training and coaching for both Agile disciplines and Agile roles.

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Agile Delivery

Whether its kicking off an Agile project, or re-booting one that is struggling - we work with you to turn sunken costs into commercial value in a way that gets value to your customer and allows you to pivot onto the next Strategic idea.

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Agile People

You may be scaling and need rapid access to pre-formed Agile teams, or maybe you're just looking for that great person to fill a gap in the teams you already have. We help organisations supplement their internal skills with right people for the organisation.

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At burendo, everything we do builds on our four core pillars

Creating a rapid, repeatable idea delivery pipeline is key in any agile organisation

Framework agnostic approach based on the knowledge that there isn't only one way to do Agile

Practical and Pragmatic adoption of tools and techniques to deliver value quickly

Share our learnings and tools with everyone regardless of affiliation or experience